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A visionary in luxury and connections: Sarah Restrick's journey.

The Club by Sarah Restrick is a private members club, curating invaluable networking opportunities through exclusive luxury events.


More than just networking, connecting business leaders, owners, high level executives and HNWIs through a calendar of luxury events at five star venues across the UK and beyond.

Her influence extended beyond the fashion scene as she spearheaded external events for Flannels, including prestigious gatherings such as the Boodles and Berry’s tennis events. These experiences not only showcased her prowess in event management but also provided a fertile ground for cultivating a network of influential connections.

In a defining moment, Sarah assumed the role of running the Clique 100 Club in Manchester and Leeds, marking a pivotal shift in her career. As her leadership flourished, the members club underwent a transformation, evolving into The Club by Sarah Restrick under her sole guidance.

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Sarah’s journey is defined by a profound passion for luxury experiences and a commitment to connecting people. Her vision has shaped The Club into an exclusive platform where like-minded individuals converge, creating a space where luxury meets meaningful connections. Join us as we celebrate Sarah Restrick’s vision, a story woven with threads of fashion, client relations, and the art of bringing people together in the lap of luxury.